First off, let me just apologize for the week long hiatus.  I know you all were sitting at your computers tearing your hair out and sweating with apprehension.  I had a busy week, but more on that another day.  I promise to make up for it.  I’d also like to apologize to my mother for breaking the word of wisdom.  You still love me, right?

My intention for starting this blog was to showcase Pacific Northwest (PNW) food stuffs.  So here you have it.  Food thing numero uno: coffee.


When you say the words “Lake City” to anyone familiar with Seattle, their nose might crinkle a little bit.  I’ll be honest, it’s a little dirty.  Every part of Seattle has a grimy part people don’t like to look at.  It’s just that people don’t like to look at most of Lake City.  However, in this neighborhood’s center, near 125th and Lake City Way, there’s a few establishments that keep up with the Seattle vibe.  One of these is a cafe called Kaffeklatsch.

The name comes from the German word Kaffee (ko-fee), for coffee, and klatsch (kla-ch), for talk or gossip.  The term comes out of the 1900’s when women weren’t allowed in coffee shops (rude, I know).  Instead, housewives would gather at each other’s houses, make coffee and have a little chit chat.  There’s your history lesson.


This place has a pretty relaxed feel.  The doors are wide open during the summer letting through the breeze.  Lots of  tables, all with flowers.  It’s nice.  A place where you can, ya know, talk, study, or sit in silence.

Now, I’m not an experienced food critic, although I do know my way around a cup of joe.  When I came in I ordered a drip coffee, a dopio espresso, and a slice of cardamom cake.  I awkwardly sat at my table and went to town.


These guys have their own roast made by True North Coffee Roasters called “Lake City”.  The espresso and coffee both hold the same taste.  Sweet and earthy, with a caramel finish.  The espresso is just more intense and a little bitter.  When I started the coffee, the aroma made me feel like everything was going well.  The kind of smell that, in the morning, ensures a good day.  The espresso was all that and a punch in the face.  The good kind, anyway.  The coffee cake was really tasty too!  All their baked goods are made in house, every morning.  This cake was moist with a big crumb, and a chewy crust that got stuck in your teeth, like every good caramel should.


Good job, Lake City.  You’ve got something going!  If you’re ever in this neighborhood, ignore the Starbucks, and give this place a try.

You can find Kaffeeklatsch on Facebook here, and True North Coffee Roasters here.

Happy sipping!


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