Kestrel Winery

Today I bring you another product review from the Great Northwest!  I’ve been a member at this winery for some time now and frequent it pretty often.  The vineyard is located in Prosser, Washington, and they have a tasting room in Woodinville.


Before I get in too deeply here, I’d like to talk about my upbringing and how it affected my views on alcohol, without too much detail.  I was raised in a Mormon household.  Alcohol, coffee, and tea are prohibited.  My family’s relationship with alcohol has been rocky, and since I have become independent, I have adopted the practice of social drinking.  This decision did not come easily or quickly, but I like to think that I’m no less of a good person than I was before I moved out of my parent’s house.

There you have it.  The jist.

Anywho, I’m a fan of this winery.  I was turned onto it by some friends, and I gotta say the perks of being a member are pretty nice.  I must also add that I’m in no way a wine expert.  My review is that of an amateur.  There is a jargon with which I’m not familiar and I won’t use (so I don’t sound stupid).  I consider myself a wino, but not a wine connoisseur.  Someday I’ll treat myself to a tasting class, but until then, here we go.

I personally have never been to the vineyard in Prosser, but if it’s anything like the tasting room in Woodinville, I’ll make it there someday.  For sure.  I have never had a bad experience in this place.  Everybody knows what they’re talking about, and they’re really friendly.  A food permit is currently in the works and they should have a food menu coming out shortly!


The selection is always changing here, so every tasting will have something new.  This time our itinerary consisted of five different wines.  I’ll keep descriptions short and sweet so I don’t sound too much like an idiot.

First up, the Pinot Gris.  This is a really good summer wine with a citrus taste, and sweet easy finish.

After that we had the Old Vine Chardonnay, named so because it’s made from one of the oldest vines in the Washington area.  This wine was floral (my friend said Jasmine), and by far the most interesting I’ve had.

Third, we got to taste the Cabernet Sauvignon Estate.  This used be called the “Two Ton” because they trim back the vine to only produce two tons of grapes, which produces a more concentrated flavor, but had to change it due to copyright.  This dry wine tasted of black cherries, with a brown sugar finish.

Next up we got to sample Kestrel’s Cabernet Franc.  This is made while the vine is still young.  The wine has a sweet nose, a sweet and vanilla flavor, with a finish that I couldn’t quite place (but still good).

Lastly, we had the Old Vine Merlot.  This was really spicy, which I personally really like.  This dry red had a vanilla and black currant taste.

After our tasting we all had their Rosé, which is a favorite of my friends and I.  Sweet, dry, and mouth watering.


If you’d like to more about this winery, you can visit them here, where you can buy their wines online.  They also have a Facebook Twitter, and Blog.  Go check them out!

Cheers, Friends!


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