About the Boy


My name is Jerry.  I’m a boy.  I like to bake.  I’m a boy who likes to bake.  I was taught by Saturday afternoon cooking shows, watching family, and trial and error. Mostly the latter.

I love baked things; making it, and mostly eating it.  It takes a lot of patience, but the ending product can totally be worth it.  Things I also like?  Chocolate.  Irish whiskey.  And coffee.  I really love coffee.  I love a lot of things.  I’m also awkward.

I live, work, (excessively) eat, and pretend to live an active lifestyle in Seattle.  Originally from a small farming town in Utah, I have insight from an outside perspective.  Maybe it’s because I’m not from here, but I feel like the Pacific Northwest lacks attention.  People are seriously missing out, and I want to show you why!

Photo Credit: Justin Huertas


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